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As an artist I usually work either in pencil (a thirty five year old set of Caran D'Ache Prismalo 1 Aquarelle) or any thread/yarn that will fit either through the eye of a needle or onto a loom shuttle.

When it comes to artistic influences, I have many, but especially fine detail (engravings, illuminated manuscripts etc) and the work of artists like Pauline Baynes, Fiona Owen, Inga Moore, Paul Kidby, Tony Meeuwissen and CAM (Barbara Mary Campbell) to name but a few.  I love the sea, snowflakes, dragons, and old fashioned gardens, all of which crop up in my work at intervals, and I also enjoy working in miniature so some of my creations are very small indeed.

Tiny Castle.JPG

A (very) Tiny Castle

Tiny Bouquet Embroidery.JPG

Tiny Bouquet

When I say working in miniature, this is the kind of thing I mean, the frame is just two and a half inches in diameter.

Capricorn Embroidery.JPG


A couple of years after Finding May Tail came out I decided to see if I could turn my original cover drawing into an embroidery.  Worked in 2 ply baby wool and twelve different embroidery threads it took 70 hours to complete.

The Hiffle Sploffer.JPG

The Hiffle Sploffer

'Just three foot two, with flappy ears,

you'd be amazed how much he hears'

Poetry becomes art.

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